• January 29Congratulations Hailey Link and Barolo..... winner THIS. Medal WEF 2017!!!

  • January 29Congratulations are on order for Kaitlyn Lovingfoss and Elvenstar's Vancouver who came on the top in ASPCA Maclay at WEF!!!

  • January 29Have you renewed all of your memberships for 2017 season?

Hailey Esses, a Freshman at Brentwood School, is 14 years old and has had a passion for horses for as long as she can remember.  At a very young age, she was placed on a horse and immediately fell in love.  Hailey finds riding and spending time with her horse to be one of the biggest joys in her life.  She also participates on her school IEL team.  Whether she is soaring over a jump on her horse or flipping for fun on the trampoline, she loves to “fly.”  Hailey also enjoys writing, art, and baking.

Hailey Esses, Staff Writer