• January 29Congratulations Hailey Link and Barolo..... winner THIS. Medal WEF 2017!!!

  • January 29Congratulations are on order for Kaitlyn Lovingfoss and Elvenstar's Vancouver who came on the top in ASPCA Maclay at WEF!!!

  • January 29Have you renewed all of your memberships for 2017 season?

Alexandra Farfaras
Alex is a 6th grader at SRTMS. She is the tallest 11 year old around. Alex, also known as Pinky, loves four things in life: to talk, to ride horses, to spend time with her family,  and to take care and love her horse Clic Clac. She hopes to be an Olympian one day and then a veterinary doctor.

Alexandra Farfaras, Staff Writer

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